10 times faster, than the next best competitor!​

Xirotex™ moves moisture and bacteria away from the body 10 times faster than its nearest competitor through a combination of its innovative capillary structure and dual-layer fabric construction. 

The innovation behind Xirotex™ is its push-pull mechanism.  Moisture is pulled from the skin to the garment’s surface where it’s then pushed into the air through the process of evaporation.  Skin is left feeling completely dry in under 10-seconds, a pace unrivalled in the current marketplace.

Independent lab tests (measured using standard MMT & OMMC test protocols) show that Xirotex™ is 10 times more effective at eliminating perspiration and bacteria than its nearest moisture-wicking competitor. 
Our objective is to deliver the high-performance of an activewear brand in a naturally-blended and luxuriously soft fabric.

Alarmingly, 80% of all women will experience night sweats at some point in their lives as a result of menopause, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, chemotherapy and chronic conditions.  Men are also impacted by night sweats because of factors ranging from medical treatments to stress.

Kiss Night Sweats Goodbye.

​​Xtreme Moisture and Odour Control